The Technical Department of the company Montilla Market Ltd is composed by an Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Technical Engineer and Commercial Advisors. All with extensive experience in crops and agricultural and social problems in the area.


This department is assigned and performs various functions depending on the section of the company in which it carries out its work.



Within Montilla Market Section - Phytosanitary Distributor corresponds to the Technical Department:

1- Advice to farmers on phytosanitary treatments.


2- Advice on varieties to sow or plant.


3- Introduction and monitoring of new products, new crops.


4- We also collaborate with the development team of our suppliers in the testing for the introduction of new varieties, new plant protection products or techniques.



Within Montilla Market  Section –  Marketing and direct sale of vegetables and fruits:

1- Attending to the needs demanded by the commercials, we make the planting programs for the different crops, we advise the crops, we schedule the crops and we lead them.


2- We are also responsible for the implementation of the different Quality Systems, by obtaining different certifications.



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